Friday, July 21, 2006

Wisconsin/Alaskan Scalloped Saganaki Potatoes

smoked cheddar
yukon gold potatoes
bacon Everclear (cook bacon. cut very small. macerate in everclear. alcohol burns off, flavor stays.)
bacon (cause hey. mmm bacon)

pink x p0ptart: you should do one involving mashed potato
pink x p0ptart: and maybe cheese
NoChurchOrState: well, you can do that crazy greek flaming cheese dish on cast iron.
pink x p0ptart: can you put potato in it? I think you should
NoChurchOrState: could do a saganaki scalloped potato
NoChurchOrState: fry slices of....oh, idk, a good smoked cheddar, pair that with good bacon and yukon gold potatoes.
pink x p0ptart: sure!
NoChurchOrState: flambe each serving on its own.
NoChurchOrState: licorice doesn't go with those flavors though. so the flames would have to come from soemthing that's not ouzo. Like bacon-macerated everclear!
pink x p0ptart: you need actual flames to cook potatos?
pink x p0ptart: with an E
NoChurchOrState: no, but otherwise, it's not flaming greek cheese
NoChurchOrState: chedar gets mild the warmer it gets. that'll work very well.
NoChurchOrState: you slice the potatoes, cover the pan, add cheese, repeat, then add heavy cream on top and make a coating. but not us this time, cause we'll flambe later and a topping would burn.

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