Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Recipe Notepad

The good thing about constantly writing, no matter where you are or what you're doing, is that you never have that horrible sense of regret after losing something you know was good.

Instead, you have that feeling when you can't remember which notebook you put it in.

That's why I keep a Notepad file called Recipe notepad on my desktop. I keep it for any food-related musings. Here's what it's accumulated so far.

Southern Cinnamon Roll Bread Pudding
cinnamon roll krispy kremes
crushed pecan sandies (instead of flour?)

cast-iron okonomiyaki?

marinate boneless skinless chicken thigh strips in a paste of oil and jerk seasoning.

fresh mozarella, thin tomato slices, basil, chicken. caprese quesadilla. lightly coat outside of tortilla with olive oil and a sprinkle of good salt.

free lunch program replaced by there is no such thing as a free lunch program

mmm. tasty.

I was going to bake brownies tonight, but I got as far as mixing the water in and about half the oil. Then I grabbed a fork. Yum.

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Anonymous said...

I'm using a google notebook for the same thing.

It lets you manually add notes to notebooks, add web page clippings (highlight, right click and choose "note this"), and it's available from any machine.

I have one for cooking ideas, one for todo recipes, and many more for other recipes and web clippings.