Friday, July 14, 2006

Reflections on why I failed tonight.

First, there's the obvious - I didn't take my ADD meds, so that hurt. I didn't get enough sleep. I didn't come in sharp.

More useful to those who have never done the whole "cooking for a paycheck" thing - I failed because I got too far behind and couldn't plan my moves far enough ahead.

I had two samplers and an order of fried calamari on the same ticket. I had most of it, but then a second sample and a spinach dip came up. Did I mention I had 20 wings frying at the same time? Yeah. I was frazzled.

Anyway, I put a ticket up top on the app rail but forgot to call the burger on it for the grill man, so everything got backed up. Then the shit hit the fan and I got chewed out in front of waitresses.

Sucks. I think I'll be washing dishes for a while.

Anyway, here's something I learned at the restaraunt that we don't do at the restaurant...for customers...unless I drop supposed-to-have-been-dry wings into the sauce. But let me start over.

First, marinate your wings. Hell, let 'em soak for a week. Then fry them until they're both golden and brown and they float

(about ten minutes was what I was told when I first started working, but I have no idea - I can make a lot of food while wings cook)

Then drop the wings into a flavorful liquidy concoction. Puree some ginger, soy sauce, sesame oil, pureed scallions if oyu're feeling it (I so fucking wanted Chinese food after work. Fuck)

The trick is dropping them in a liquid that is either the marinade (no, not the exact same marinade. ew.) or something designed to complement the marinade's flavor as it's been modified by chicken absorption and frying...I can't do that, so I just use the same stuff.

Yes, sriracha woujld be lovely as the flavorful liquidy thing. Dammit, now I'm really hungry.

And since it's late and I'm lonely, we've got a blogger shoutout - Roboppy, yuu are awesome. Girl, may you continue to eat everything for a long time to come...and despite what I said on your Frappr map, I'm not weird, but I do plan on a NY Chinatown noodle-and-dumpling-geekout at some point via the NY-DC bus.

Green curry to come tomorrow if I can get a ride to the store after cashing my FAT ASS PAYCHECK. Five days a week sucks your soul out your ass...but it pays. Then again, they don't call it "giving away your soul."

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