Sunday, July 09, 2006

Inspired by Iron Chef

I'm trying to cook one crazy thing a week. Next up, green curry with gemelli, shrimp, and Texmati brown rice.

Work was absolutely fucking insane. Last week (I forget the day, they all blend) I clocked in and five minutes later the power blew. Since I was on dishes, I did everything I could - piling the dishes into the sink, clogging it, and filling with hot water...till the hot water ran out - and then went to the bar and drank.

I also tried to hit on a journalist approximately twice my age. That was interesting.

The end of hte night saw a drunken crowd outside the restaurant watching fireworks. 'Twas great fun.

Best adjective ever, c/o Iron Chef America "peaness." Said like, well, you know.

Oh, and I learned to set a mousetrap. *shudder*

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