Monday, July 03, 2006

Jungle jucie and oatmeal. love it

Jungle juice

clear alcohol. I use Everclear, but those of you who don't want to drink something used as a solvent in laboratories might want to look into vodka. I recommend Smirnoff, the winner of a New York Times taste test. I recommend it so much that I paid for a bottle today to make vodka cranberries/Cape Codders at home. (Yes, Everclear is illegal in some states. If you break the law following one of my recipes, you're a fucking moron and deserve to reap what you hath sown)
1 mango
2 kiwi
3 apples
cran-blueberry juice
just enough sugar to make the bowl of watermelon taste a little sweet after you process/chop the fuck out of it.

Peel and chop the fruit. Mix to taste. Strain thoroughly. Serve cold. Leave the mango pit in and scrape it every now and then with the serving ladle. If you really want to be hardcore, serve it inside a watermelon.


3 packets Cinnamon Roll oatmeal
whole milk

Mix in just enough whole milk (by hand, naturally) to make it into a slightly soupy, but still thick paste. Nuke for two minutes. It should be too thick. Stir in just enough milk to make it palatable. YUM. This is my favorite post-tons-of-drinking food. If it doesn't stick to your spoon, it ain't gonna stick to your ribs.

The kielbasamac filled me up today - the rest of it minus the kielbasa is in my fridge. It'll be great in the microwave, for some reason unknown to me. I might serve the chicken-fried steak over it tomorrow.

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