Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Chickenfried steak - the results

I pan-seared one steak in the skillet, then battered and fried two others in oil also in the skillet. Here's what I learned.

Once battered, fry immediately.
Pat the meat dry before battering.

The batter didn't stick to the steak. Next time, it'll work better...but mostly because I'll do it in the deepfryer at work some Saturday and eat chickenfried steak and waffles for breakfast.

The steak was a little too salty - probably a result of the extra night spent marinating. The heat wasn't too big a deal. I want it spicier next time, and I'll replace some of the soy with sesame oil.

After I'd fried some corn tortilla quarters (tasty, but the oil was floury by then) I dumped the oil from the pan and tried making a cream sauce by mixing the flour and milk i'd used to batter the steak.

It turned into a griddle cake instead. Wrapped around the beef, it blunted the ferocious flavor with a gooey unctuousness that was a complete accident.

I'm definitely going to try this again with some of my cornmeal.

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