Monday, July 31, 2006

It Was Gonna Be Pasta Salad

angelhair, cut in half
extra virgin olive oil
roasted garlic
the following, cut into strips as thin as you can manage: some type of cured meat, fresh mozzarella, a red pepper, a yellow pepper, a seeded habanero, prosciutto.

if you want it cheesier, skip the EVOO (Rachel Ray is awesome, fuck all the haters) and put nonroasted garlic into a colby jack bechamel, which I'll post a recipe for as soon as I learn how to make one in a cast-iron skillet.

Mad props to Sylvia for helping me come up with the recipe, which was born in about a minute in the kitchen today.

Oh, and sriracha sucks in scrambled eggs. Put it on top instead.

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