Thursday, July 13, 2006

Time for a throwdown!

While I'm loathe to admit liking anything that involves Bobby Flay besides Iron Chef America, his new show "Throwdown" is very good.

Here's the thesis - superstar chef takes on masters of certain kinds of cooking. So far, he's lost at pizza and barbecue, and I'm watching Battle Chowder (to use the Iron Chefenclature) right now.

Challenger has razor clams, steamers, and geoduck clams. Yum. Bonus: Geoduck is pronounced gooey-duck. He's also making a Bahamian monkfish chowder.

Flay's doing something with corn and lobster. else.
A sweet potato clam chowder - right. Yum. Not.

I like Flay's idea of using pureed corn to thicken the chowdah.

I'm more about chili, myself.

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