Monday, July 03, 2006

Welcome to the new blog/ Asian chickenfried steak recipe

I cook for the love of it...and because I need to eat...and pay the bills....

Today's recipe is a funky Asian-inspired chickenfried flank steak recipe that I'm very excited about.

two bunches green onions
eight ounces soy sauce
enough Thai Kitchen chili-garlic paste (the red one) to flavor
fourteen cents (a fourteenth of a pound) worth of rough-chopped ginger

The onions needed to be used or thrown away - next time I do this, I'm going to process the onions much better and take the time to press the ginger. The marinade still tastes fantastic.

I took a four-dollar flank steak and trimmed off all the tough white inedible crap, ending up with three steaks. I pounded them out extensively, then tossed them in the marinade in a glass bowl and stashed it in a fridge overnight. I

The dredge will be whole milk and fine enriched yellow cornmeal spiked with chipotle and paprika. I might hack up one of the big steaks and test a double layer of cornmeal on it.

I'm going to pan-fry in a cast-iron skillet. In butter.

I don't know if my heart can handle the usual heavy cream/flour sauce - I might just throw a can of Goya beans into the skillet after the steaks are done.

This recipe was inspired by groovy people (Jamie, James, Bill, and Mike, specifically) and work, where we had a chicken-fried steak special on the menu for the first time since I started there.

I don't know if this blog is going to be all about posting recipes. I hate recipes. I don't use them. I've only written one before.

I'm thinking next up is going to be something much less awesome - probably my formula for making box macaroni and cheese taste much, much better. This ain't the Semi-Homemade blog - but if I cook it, you'll hear about it.

Hmm. While I have oil on the stove, those Snickers in my fruit basket are screaming "Fry me!" All I need is to mix in the flour with fresh milk after the steaks are done...oh man, this could be fun. Thank g-d for tongs.

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