Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Stuff I wrote a few days ago and psaced out on

What I'm eatin'

2 boxes Kraft White Cheddar Macaroni and Cheese
a little one percent milk
a pound of chickechicken -italian herb sausage

chef tricks - i sirred the milk into the powdered cheese

anwyay. made a slurry with the powder and the milk before stirring it into the macaroni. it mixed a lot better than usual.

it's tasty. good combo. doesn't need extra cheese. I used a whole stick of butter, which is the secret. yum butter. soften the butter first - thatnkfully it's fucking hot in herre so i just left it out on the counter while i cooked.

oh, and skin the sausage. cut it in half, almost, leave the last bit of skin intack and pull the halves apart. it makes decasing much easier. break it up with your hands before panning and cook with tongs, breaing up and stirring every so foten - remember, browning = flavor.
NoChurchOrState: also, you can cover your cutch overn with your cast iron skillet and use that to preheat the pan.
Bohemian1899: thanks for the info
Bohemian1899: I haven't eaten all day
NoChurchOrState: oh, and don't overcook the noodls. I lways fuckingovercook the noodles.

i think i may be close to cloning Jones Soda FuFu Berry. the label describes its recipe as "strawberry, watermelon, and ?" and the ? tastes much like tamarind. at the very least, it's getting added to my next Jungle Juice.

which reminds me.

Three-Can Jungle Juice
1 can pineapple chunks in juice
1 can Canada Dry ginger ale (any probably would work, but this is what I made it with)
1 can Welch's grape soda (see above)

mix together. Drink in a large plastic cup seriously fucking on the rocks.

wanna do like a pan bread, which you then flip, and build a sandwich on top of, topped by dough, which would need to be flipped again to cook. hmm. if the dough's thin, it could work
NoChurchOrState: put dough into the skillet
NoChurchOrState: cook it on one side. flip it to the other side.
NoChurchOrState: put meat, cheese, and veggies on the side that's now on top. put a layer of dough on top of that.
NoChurchOrState: then, when the bottom part is done, flip the thing to cook the dough on top. start slow, then ramp up to brown it.

pb and j doughnut bread pudding
NoChurchOrState: oooh
NoChurchOrState: 3 jelly donuts
NoChurchOrState: 3 eggs
NoChurchOrState: 1 cup sugar
NoChurchOrState: 1 cup chunky peanut butter
NoChurchOrState: um. milk
NoChurchOrState: i'm ballparking this
NoChurchOrState: lol
GoodFriendWhoShouldJustFuckMeAlready: didnt know you like bread pudding
NoChurchOrState: i ADORE bread pudding
NoChurchOrState: vanilla extract

15 parts cooked rice
2 parts ham
2 parts pork
15 parts mozzarella
2 parts pecorino romano.

mix. make into balls. fry. Thanks, Road Tasted.

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