Saturday, August 26, 2006

Red Curry Glazed Peanuts

I don't brag on myself unless it's warrented - and this time, it's warrented. these nuts are fucking awesome.

enough peanuts to cover your pan. I used a 10-inch nonstick skillet.
light brown sugar
half a spoonful of red curry paste
a few dashes of soy sauce

Combine ingredients in a bowl. Stir, whisk, play with your hands, etc, until everything's uniform. Taste frequently.

Transfer to the pan. Turn burner on 3. Every minute or two, taste, flip or otherwise move the nuts around, and taste again. Pull the second you have a perfect one - carryover heat will take the rest to where they need to go.

If you put them in a shaped container, you can make them hold their shape as they cool.

I'm glad I can stop writing this just so my hands are free to eat more. Damn, these are yummy.


Emily said...

Did you use unsalted peanuts?

The Management said...

Yes. Salted peanuts and soy sauce would make it way too salty - the salt's just to bring out the flavor.

Anonymous said...

time for you to start mailing me care packages, if you are gonna keep cooking like this!

Anonymous said...

Raw peanuts or roasted?
This does sound quite delicious... congrats!

Anonymous said...

yes, your nuts are quite fucking awesome.......oh man, did I say that out loud?

Anonymous said...

oops, guess you should know that was from me...the comment about your nuts.