Monday, August 28, 2006

Carrot/Green Bean/Cilantro/Sausage Chopped Salad

2 cups chopped carrot
2 cups french-cut green beans (fresh, seriously, and french them yourself, it's not hard)
8 oz.Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage, regular
half a bunch of cilantro, leaves only.
(if you want crumbled cheese on this, buy the cheap, but real, cheese and freeze it. Land O'Lakes and Kraft will both crumble after freezing)

cook the sausage in patties, then chop them into crumblies. boil the veggies in ocean-salty water till tender, then drain and saute with the cilantro briefly in the skillet that you did the sausage in. you wiped the grease out first, right? good. otherwise it'll be too greasy.

Add salt and pepper to bring out the cilantro and the meatiness, and dress with something very cold (cause it's best when the dressing is cold and everything else is hot) and flavorful. I used a blue-cheese Caesar dressing. Dash it around, go rustic on it, yo.

Yummy. I'm gonna go back to eating it now. My cast-iron looks BEAUTIFUL tonight after cooking that sausage - it barely needed a paper-towel wipedown, thanks to the veggies sucking up all that tasty sausage fond. Love....

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