Thursday, August 03, 2006

More on the wonderful Pink Lady

The arrival of your care package coincided with me getting a ride to the store. I picked up five apples, two grapefruit, and two hillshire farms sausages. one of those went on the grill last night. (dropped my pronoun, whoops - one of the sausages went on the grill)

on a related note, if you've never had a Pink Lady apple...well, you don't wanna eat your first one in public. They're that good. It's like SweetTarts, a fizzing pear, and Rainier cherries crashed into each other at high speed and somehow formed a new variety of apple. There's a Pink Lady sticker on my door, lower right corner of the Neato Burrito sticker - they're THAT good.

(If you've never been to Neato Burrito, get a buffalo chili burrito and tell Chipotle to fuck off permanently.)

Yes, fizzing. I've never eaten an apple that I could describe as "fizzy," at least not a ripe one.

These apples are so good, they make me want to cook with them. I had to restrain myself from turning my whole load into cobbler last night. They're so good, I don't know what to pair them with - they'd overshadow it. More amazing is that one of its parents is a Golden Delicious (that, and a Lady Williams, wonder which one was the man in THAT relationship, lol) which is something like 3/4 pear and 1/4 something that tastes kinda like apple if you really want it to.

Describing these things is hard without sounding pretentious. Or fucking bizarre, seeing as I've now gushed for onetwothreefourfiveandcounting paragraphs about a single fruit. Once you eat one, you'll understand. My biggest challenge is not eating all the rest of them right now - i know it'd overload my palette and i couldn't appreciate the complexity.

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*Pokes* Baked Sausage and Apples!