Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Seriously filling pasta.

marinate chicken thighs in cran-grape juice, ginger, Pink Lady apple peel, and oyster sauce.

cook them in their juices until the pan fills with chicken scum. drain. brown on both sides. add soy and oyster sauce, cook till saucy, then cut the chicken up and cook more.

to a box of boiled spaghetti, add a can of Hunt's spaghetti sauce, three cloves of crushed garlic, and the chicken. cook to combine. when the noodles are saucy, add a dash of your favorite asian garlic chili sauce and toss to combine. serve immediately.

the meat tends to fall to the bottom.

this would be good with sausage too, but then again, i put chicken thighs and kielbasa in everything...because they give me more wiggle room. kielbasa already has good flavors- just get it brown. Chicken thighs are moist and juicy if you brine then sear them. They're more forgiving than breasts, even saggy ones.

also, try this.

1. spread salt on your cutting board. be generous.
2. cut up garlic over the salt.
3. keep cutting, making sure to incorporate the salt. mangle that clove until you get a paste, which can be added straight to what you're making.

5. or be lazy and just buy crushed garlic.

6. but then you'll suck. fresh garlic and a press 0wn5 anything jarred, though I admit to using crushed bottled ginger - shoppers was out of fresh root when I stocked up. (They usually have it - this is a place where you can get Pink Lady apples, lemongrass, chive blossoms, and great huge Mexican avocadoes. Yes, it's gonna be avocado milkshake time!

avocado milkshake
1 large avocado
1 scoop good sorbet (Edy's Whole Fruit is my aeroplane)
plain soy milk.

blend. this is almost certainly going to be way too thick.

This is great when you end up with large, relatively flavorless avocadoes.

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