Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Things I couldn't cook without

Every cook needs the right tools. I'm not picky, but some things literally are indispensible.

Like good tongs. You want them to lock when you're not using them, cause tongs that are long enough to be useful will be unwieldy when fully open. You don't want anything on the tips, and if possible, an easy-grip lock would be great.

That's why I freaking love Oxo. Fifteen bucks and they're the last tongs you'll ever buy. Now for something completely different.

If you're going to cook with nonstick - and let's be honest, we all do it - get something decent. Calphalon owns everything. Yes, you'll probably have to look for it on clearance, but next time you get a bonus, replace everything! And yes, do it through me! I'll get a cut.

Most people aren't going to need anything else if they pick up that rockstar Calphalon package. But I personally can't live without cast iron. I grew up with 100 year-old cast iron seasoned by fifty years of daily bacon. It's so shiny, it's more nonstick than Teflon. Most people aren't used to being able to cook eggs in cast iron without oil but I thought that was the way they all worked.

Finally, everyone has different knife preferences. I could give a fuck, frankly, as long as it's as sharp as possible. But that means I need one of these...

Some people have the technical finesse to use a small cutting board. I do not. When I chop onions, they fly everywhere. Especially if I do my Chen Kenichi impression and double-cleaver it. I need the biggest cutting board available. This one's a good start. Thick wood is best, and I use a different one for meat than veg. 

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