Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I love my girlfriend's cooking, but...

So I'm eating another one of Nikki's Pinterest recipes. As much as I hate to admit it, they're usually very good. This time, it's ham and corn chowder. Very tasty. Here's what I'd do differently.

There isn't enough potato presence. I'd go for more of a riff on baked potato soup vs pennsylvania high school concession stand. I'm thinking double the potato - keep the amount that's pureed in the original recipe but cut the rest into larger chunks and oven-roast them after a butter and bacon salt rub.

Speaking of, I'm definitely going to call bacon on this. It needs lardons and to be thickened with a seasoned flour roux made with bacon fat as its base. Not flour just sprinkled into the crockpot. (love you, honey...)

The corn is great. I would source a bit differently - probably flash-frozen instead of canned - and roast it. Again with spices.

Finishing with bacon salt is nice, but probably wouldn't be necessary. Can't wait to try the remix. Oh and sour cream instead of half and half.

What would I cook it in? Definitely enameled cast iron. Roast potatoes and corn. Cook off lardons, remove them, add flour, make roux. Add all ingredients to the cast iron, cover and bring to boil to activate roux. Stir, then add to crockpot. Season to taste after four hours on low.

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