Thursday, May 17, 2007

Chicken-Fried Take 2

When some people can't focus, they clean, masturbate or get high. I cook.

Pound out cubed steak to half its previous size. Drench in Cholula chili garlic sauce.

Prep your cast-iron skillet with enough oil to immerse the steaks. Turn on.

Set up the stations - apple-cinnamon pancake mix spiked with steak rub, eggwash, more spiked mix.

When the oil's hot, coat the steak with flour, shake off the excess, egg it, flour it again, then fry that sucker until golden brown and awesome.

Pictures posted as soon as...yikes, I left my camera in the kitchen.


Anonymous said...

God you are such a fuckin HACK. Reading your site makes me want to buy you an easy bake oven and be done with a cook book before you bleed "cooking" advice to all those unfortunate enough to read have a long way to go....good luck.......

The Management said...

Thanks for the feedback, asshole.

Seriously, this is an amateur cooking blog. I worked one summer doing apps at a crappy little restaurant, and now I blog whatever I cook that takes long enough to be worth it.

Gotta love people who hate in abstract, though. You'd think the sheer level of my ineptitude would've produced one specific example of why I suck so badly.

In conclusion, fuck you, anonymous. Link me to your recipes and then we'll talk.