Sunday, November 12, 2006

Green Curry Soup with Brown Rice Cakes and Lime-Glazed Peanuts

I can coconut milk
1 can peas
green curry paste
brown rice cakes
redskin peanuts
brown sugar
1 lime
Old Bay

Don't separate the cream from the milk - fry the curry paste in the milk before adding the milk. I also added a can of water, but had to cook a while to thicken.

Add the brown rice cakes as soon as the milk and cream come together. Add the juice of half a lime and the water from the can of peas. Mash the peas before adding. They'll turn the curry a nice pistachio green.

In a skillet, toss lime juice, brown sugar, and peanuts until glazed and toasted. New at this? Taste frequently and use low heat. Don't add to the soup until right before eating.

This is hearty as-is. Those desiring overkill should cook it until very thick and add some kind of meat - the beautiful thin ribeye I saw at Grand-Mart yesterday would've been perfect if sliced into strips and sauteed briefly.

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